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Ramboo Furniture Maintenance Tips

Worried about your valuable furniture ? We provide important maintenance furniture tips for home, hotels, resorts, beach resorts, restaurants, garden restaurants, etc. …

Maintenance & Tips

Features ›

  • Highly Durable.
  • Variety of colors, sheen & textures.
  • No effect of humidity.
  • Does not require periodic application of varnish/paint.
  • Bugs/Termite Proof.
  • Fire Retardant.

Maintenance Tips ›

  • INDOORS - The Product can be just wiped sown with a wet cloth or sponge. No need of any vigorous scrubbing.
  • OUTDOORS - Can just be hosed down with a garden hose.
  • THE CUSHION - The foam can be ramoved and the fabrics can be stitched to give the furniture a new look.
  • For better results a vacuum cleaner can be used to cLean all the crevices and the joints.
  • Never use highly ccidic chemicals.