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About Us

We are manufacturer …

Ramboo Prolen FurnitureAbout Us

Max Flow Fillers is company providing variety of furniture products.

Each furniture product is manufactured with lots of dedication and skills. Our employees use their skills in producing each international quality furniture product. Our product earns consistently superior marks for its build, finish and looks. Our product manufacturing ensures longevity and piece is crafted with exacting care. The ingenuity is engineered to put the human form at ease, in the best tradition of furniture design.

The capacity of the plant supports the ability to supply bulk quantities and scheduled deliveries time after time to any part of the world.

Why Ramboo Prolen Furniture?

Our furniture has unique features which separates us from rest.

So Convincingly Real is Ramboo's Furniture That You Wouldn't Believe Otherwise! All together a difference experience when you touch and feel in real sense.

Our furniture delivers The Realism and Charm of Natural Material of Wood and Cane, Without The Pain, Heartache and Associated Expense of Maintenance!

Your would be surprise its not wood nor plastic is Prolen Furniture.

Our furniture is weather Proof - Withstands any climatic condition! it needn't be Sheltered From The Sun, Rain, Heat or Frost nor Harmful UV Rays, Humidity, Mildew or Dryness Doesn't Affect it!

It is free from Bug, Borer, it is also Termite Proof - and apart from all it has Fire Retardant properties!

There is no dis-colouration due to direct sunshine or other elements. The Colour, Texture and Sheen has good life and does not rquire periodic application of either paint or varnish.

It does not peel, rust or coorede!

These unique features makes us stand apart from the rest and lends a high level of durability with years of trouble free service with great customer satisfication.

Easy to move, Easy to clean, Zero Maintenance, Fabulous Looks across and Large Product Range in a different varieties of style & tremendous color choice, with your very own customization, thats makes Ramboo's Furniture - Dream Furniture to have!